Sikh Jeopardy
“And the question is…” Do you think you know a lot about Sikh trivia? What do the Panj Pyare signify? Why do Sikhs celebrate Vaisakhi? To learn the answers, play your own game of Sikh Jeopardy.
Are you savvy in your Sikhi vocabulary? Do you know what to do if you're being bullied? Test your knowledge by downloading these puzzles.
Sikh Crossword Puzzle
Sikh Crossword Solution
Bullying Crossword Puzzle
Bullying Crossword Solution
Are you skilled in working your way out of difficult situations? Help Gurpreet find her kara by making your way around the maze!
Sikh Maze
Skyland Adventures
Dodge the bully while you move through this obstacle course in Skyland. Roll the dice to make your way around the board, and beat the bully to the finishing line. Along the way, you’ll have to answer questions about the best way to avoid bullies in school to stay ahead.
Beat the Bully Rocket Race
To beat the biggest bullies at this futuristic high school, you’ve challenged them to a rocket race. Choose your rider, take your place at the starting line, and get ready to ride. To win, you’ll need more than speed – you’ll need smarts too!
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